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Welcome To The Party - Chapter 1 (Twilight)

Author's note: I don't own the Twilight franchise or characters. I would recommend reading my companion story Snooping to get a history for this new character.


The vibrate on his phone grabbed his attention as he moved for his pocket mid walk down the opaque hall. The caller ID immediately caught his eye. The name wasn't one he had seen in over a year and a name not spoken aloud within the glass confines of his home in three. Flipping open the phone to read the text awaiting him there is only one word, "HELP."

He found the nearest nurses station and reported that a family emergency had come up and he had to leave. Knowing full well that he never would have heard from her if there wasn't something very wrong he kept moving as quickly as possible without revealing his supernatural side, though not slowing down the very quick speed at which his mind raced through possibilities. He was to his Mercedes within five minutes and on the road to Shelton, a small town fifteen minutes north of Olympia, in another minute. What would have been a three hour drive flew by in less than half that and there he was within a mile of her secluded two room cabin buried deep within the wooded outskirts.

His sensitive ears picked up a sound he was all too familiar with and without a second of thought he knew exactly who it was coming from. The sound of a pain so excruciating that the individual experiencing it has only one other thing on their mind besides the agony and that is the hope for death. There was no mistaking the sear of the change from mortal to immortal, a change that would last forever. But how? There was no way a vampire could get close enough to her to sink their teeth in. Even in her weakest state no vampire could come within inches of his son's sibling without feeling the pushing sensation that her gift emitted. There was only one way to find out what happened.

Carlisle flew from the car and into the house in a blur finding himself staring at her twisted body on the floor of her son's bedroom. The only thing more worrisome than her change was the absence of her child. He wasn't crying and he wasn't sleeping. Her three year old simply wasn't there. Something else caught his attention, a scent not just in the room, but all over his bed. A scent Carlisle knew well and yet knew shouldn't be anywhere near her. It was the unmistakable odor of wolf. Leah. She had to have picked him up out of the bed to leave this strong of a scent. There was also another scent he couldn't place and it was all over the red head now writhing on the floor.

He picked Jennifer up as gently as possible letting his marble skin brush against her aching body in hopes that it would provide some cooling effect and rushed out to the car. Placing her in the backseat he hit the gas and sped off for home.


Edward's phone rang loudly on the living room table buzzing across its surface as it sang out. Snapping it open the screams coming from the other end were ear splitting and yet he easily recognized who the disturbing sounds were coming from despite the years apart.

"Carlisle?" Edward confirmed.

"Yes, it's me. Is Emmett there?"

"No, he, Rose, Alice and Jazz are out hunting."

"Good. Is Bella with you?"


"I need you two to meet me outside. I'll be there in less than two minutes."

Edward closed his phone and he and Bella - his still newborn love having already heard the entire conversation - headed out the door to meet their father. The black luxury sedan pulled up with a jolted stop. Edward took no time searching Carlisle's mind, but allowed him to voice everything to Bella.

"I got a text from Jennifer an hour ago. When I got there she had been bitten, but I couldn't place the scent."

"There was also another scent present," he thought adding a picture of Leah to the silent revelation. Edward acknowledged him with a swift nod and stared intently just as confused as his creator. The wolves shouldn't even know about Emmett's sister let alone be in her house.

Carlisle turned to the driver's side rear door to retrieve the wailing female from the back seat as Edward turned to his curious wife.

"Is Renesmee still at the reservation?"

Bella shook her head yes.

"I need to call her. Will you take Jenn upstairs and place her on our bed?"

"Of course," Bella now realizing the girl in her father's arms was the same girl with the deep blue eyes and crimson hair she had remembered smiling in Emmett's photo. She supposedly had a defensive gift like Bella's, but as she picked her up from Carlisle's arms she realized this girl should never have suffered this fate. That thought lead to her question, "What's going on?"

"I'll explain once I get off the phone." Edward replied already having seen the entire scene through Carlisle's eyes.

Bella flitted her copper eyes from her husband back to Carlisle knowing full well they were keeping something from her, resisted the urge to push the subject and headed into the house.

Edward's conversation with his daughter was brief, but the Quileutes were now on their way and unfortunately, so was his siblings' hunting party and he just caught the faint twinge of Emmett's upbeat thoughts as they turned to the very obvious tortured cries of his sister.

"They're back and Emmett can hear her," he directed to his father.

In order to keep anyone else from knowing at this point Carlisle thought to Edward,"Don't mention Leah, yet. We need him to focus on Jenn."

Edward agreed as both he and Carlisle headed up the stairs to the second floor.

"I'll wait for him outside the door. I can hopefully slow him down and save the door from being ripped off the hinges." Edward nodded and drifted into the room closing the door behind him.

The screams were sickening reminders to all the Cullen clan of their own changes, but to Emmett this was something far worse. He knew his sister never wanted this and made that painfully clear when she told him she didn't want him around her or Joey anymore. That day was painful enough, but with the realization of this torture he knew if he had a heart the sound of her screams would have broken it into a million pieces. He had to find out what happened.

He came barreling up the stairs, his eyes set on the room he knew his sister was slowly dying in, but found he was blocked by his father. Luckily his respect for Carlisle would not allow him to barrel through him, but just barely.

"Emmett, stop." Carlisle caught his son while keeping his stance in front of the door.

"Let me in there Carlisle."

"You need to take a second to calm down. We don't know if her gift is protecting her right now so if you want to stay in that room without being knocked through the window you'll calm your nerves. Edward and Bella are in there with her now."

Emmett stopped. He was all too familiar with his sibling's gift, being the first she ever unintentionally used it on. His thirst had taken control and her scent overpowered everything else. Lucky for both of them she is endowed with some special ability that sent him flying through the air and landing on his back over two hundred feet away. If not, he would have taken her life without ever having truly known her. He knew the good doctor was right.

"What happened?" he asked aloud pleading for answers from the coven leader.

"I wish I knew," was all Carlisle could say. He didn't have many answers and the few things he did know needed to stay a secret between a small few for right now.

Emmett took a calming breath as Rosalie approached him and gave him a supportive pat on the back as he turned the knob and stared into the room. There she was, squirming uncontrollably with her eyes closed tight on a face he hadn't seen in three years, four months and eleven days. She shrieked in horrifying agony. The sound shook him to his core as he willed himself to move inch by inch closer to her. Her body violently shook the oak four post bed to the foundation. The words "Kill me" were the only coherent ones coming from her. If he could cry he would be balling like a baby right now. Rosalie, Jasper and Alice all entered the room with Carlisle behind and took spots in the corner.

Emmett traded places with Bella taking a seat next to the bed and reached for her hand. He whispered half hearted reassurances in her ear though knowing that right now, she wasn't processing anything else but the intense flame engulfing her entire body. No one had yet answered the one question on his mind.

"What happened?" He looked from his brother to his father.

There wasn't a whole lot Carlisle could say, "I don't know. When I found her whoever did this had already gone and it wasn't a scent I recognized."

"JOEY!" she screamed and kicked in the air as the name spit out from her lips.

Then the panic set in for him. Emmett, standing, "Where is he?" frantically asking where his three year old nephew was.

"I don't know. He was gone as well when I got there."

"We need to find him!" He stood up looking back and forth between Carlisle and Rosalie.

Carlisle spoke, "Emmett, she needs you now. Alice and Jasper can go back to her house and see if they can track the scent." The coven leader looked to the two standing behind him. They nodded and quickly exited the room.

Emmett turned his sites back to his brother, "Who took him?"

"I don't know." As they weren't sure of the extent of Leah's involved, Edward took a little comfort in the fact that he wasn't exactly lying.

"What the hell do you mean you don't know? Read her mind!" Emmett raged.

Feeling her husband's frustration levels rising Rosalie walked over to him and put her hand on his back. He calmed slightly at her touch.

Edward replied, "The only thing she is thinking about right now is the pain."

Emmett knew his sibling was right and that fact alone made him feel even more helpless. He wanted to go back to her cabin and start looking himself, but he didn't want to leave her here to suffer without someone who loved her close by. He was the only family she had left outside of her son and now he was missing as well.

Bella turned her attention to the large window and to the patter of feet out in the distance then looked to her husband, "Renesmee and the wolves are here."

"What do those dogs want?" Emmett was by no means in the mood to deal with the puppies, right now.

"I called them," Edward admitted. "They need to be warned about a newborn being in the area soon and we might be able to put their noses to use looking for Joey."

Despite his hate for them being anywhere near here right now, Emmett conceded and sat down as Edward approached the door. Bella turned to accompany him, but he stopped her and motioned for Carlisle instead.

"Bella, you may be the only one who can get near her if something happens. Her gift works with the mind and if something gets out of hand no one will be able to approach her except maybe you. I'll take Carlisle with me to talk to the wolves. I'll keep Renesmee downstairs for now."

Bella nodded as she watched them fly out the door and quickly out of the house. Though she wasn't fully convinced this was the only reason he wanted her to stay. She knew him well enough to know there is something he needed to keep hidden from her and she hated secrets, but he was right. She had heard the stories of Jenn's gift and the power behind it. If something happened she may be the only one left standing in that room and if Emmett lost his focus on her right now she may be the only one strong enough to keep him from leaving. Edward and Carlisle must be keeping something from them for a reason and right now she would choose to believe it was something that had to be done. She would trust them and stay here.

Returning to her position in the corner, she gazed out at the mix of tan and russet skinned young men as they cut through the tree line with her curly haired, rosy cheeked daughter at the front. Even with all of this chaos, she could take comfort in knowing that her child was safely here within reach. Jennifer, unfortunately, was not that lucky and if they didn't find her son within the next few days, Bella knew there would be no hope of containing the wrath of a newborn mother whose child had been taken from her.

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